Meet Haibu
and her friends

Haibu is a smart, compassionate, and determined 10-year- old who is indigenous to a tiny village in the north called Montooka. Even though her village is a very cold place, Haibu’s heart is filled with warmth.

Learn more about Haibu and her friends below!


Haibu is one of the few who has learned how to harness the inner strength that is found in us all. Because of this, she can speak with all animals. She is compassionate by nature, inspiring others to believe that they can make a difference, too. She loves popcorn, singing in the bubble bath, and family game night at home. And her favorite animal? … ALL OF THEM!


Kanuux got his name because of the heart-shaped marking on his nose. He is loyal and loving and would follow Haibu to the end of the earth. His favorite things in life are belly rubs, forehead kisses and going on the adventures with the gang.


Eron is an 8-year-old Lion from Africa. He always sticks up for the little guy and is super protective of the people and animals he loves. Naturally fearless, Eron is the best lion to have on your side! When he’s not being made to perform, he loves his mane being brushed and little nuzzles with animal friends.


Wiz is a 42-year-old elephant who has been locked away in the circus for 22 years. When he was just 20 he was taken from his family in India and shipped in a cargo container to New York. Despite all of his hardships, he still has a positive outlook on life. He’s smart, kind, and loves trunk hugs and fun conversations with friends. His favorite activity is playing around in water and spraying it everywhere!


Scotty is eleven-years-old and was Haibu’s first friend at the orphanage. He’s from Brooklyn, NY and his accent proves it. Being the new kid on the block so many times, Scotty knows what it’s like to be alone so he’s always sure to embrace and be kind to those who don’t quite fit in. His love for pizza is stronger than his love for snow days.


Ollie is a twelve-year-old who believes he has a gift of reading minds. He tries to tell the future, but it always fails, and he always has an outrageous excuse as to why it didn’t work. He has an admiration for goldfish, ghost stories, and grape filled jelly donuts.


Zeek is a thirteen-year-old boy from the Bronx who is usually the voice of reason for Ollie’s antics. Actually, he’s kind of the voiceof reason for the whole group. He is very pragmatic and tries to offer solutions to any problem that comes up. Even though he has a serious side, Zeek is very funny and enjoys playing practical jokes on everyone.

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